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guide How to detect a Autobunny Scripter

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I decided to make a tutorial of how to catch a Scripter because for our newest Zombie Plague server will be a request to know how to catch Scripters to become an admin in our server.

To make it simple for our players we added a plugin called ShowKey that will help you to know to detect it. There will be a little key in the middle of the screen when you are at spectators or dead that will show you which buttons are the player pressing.

If the player Jumps many times in a perfect way within a small ratio nonstop and in the key shows that they HOLD the SPACE it's mean they are scripting. 

If they key shows that SPACE is not HOLD means he's clean.

A clear video of how the jumps looks like with Script would help: 

 As you might notice he is jumping nonstop without strafing in the correct way to gain the enough speed to bhop.

And this is how a bhop must be without any script:  

I hope this works for you.

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